Patient Portal FAQ

Patient Portal FAQ

Below are some frequent questions that you may have about our patient portal. Please feel free to call our office at 432-695-6300  if you have additional questions.

How do I request a form?
Use the Message feature to request a form. Enter the type of form in the Subject, and in the body of the message enter how you would like to receive the form (pick-up, mail, fax), and phone number where you can be reached for any questions. Please provide a mailing address to have the form mailed, or a fax number if you would like the form to be faxed. Please remember there is a 10-day completion time for all forms. Our updated Forms Policy is available on our website under Patient Resources. You will receive a response in your portal account inbox when the form has been completed.

How do I request a medication refill?
Login to your portal account and choose your child’s name from the account list.

On a PC using Internet Explorer, choose the My Health tab, the Medication tab, and then click the Refill icon (pill bottle) beside the medication you would like to refill.
On an iOS device (iPad, iPhone), click the RX Renewals icon at the bottom of the screen.
On an Android device, click the Menu icon on the top left and choose Renew Prescription.
If you cannot refill using the steps above, you can use the Send A Message feature to request the refill. Enter “Refill” in the subject, and the name of the medication in the body of the email.

How do I request an appointment?
You may request a check-up appointment by choosing using one of the following methods:

On a PC using Internet Explorer, choose Schedule An Appointment or Request An Appointment. Enter the required information in each section and submit.
Using an Android device, click the Menu icon on the top left, choose Appointments, and then click the Appointments icon on the bottom right. Choose the appropriate information in each section, and then click Send Request.
On an iOS device, tap Appointments, and then choose the appropriate information in each section. Click Send Request to submit your appointment request.You will receive a response to your appointment request via the patient portal. Please check your child’s portal Inbox to know when your appointment is scheduled.

How do I send a message to my doctor’s nurse?
Use the Message feature to send a message to your provider’s nurse.

Using Internet Explorer on a PC, choose Send A Message at the top of the screen, or Compose in the Inbox.
On an iOS device, tap Messages at the bottom of the screen, or use the Compose icon in the Inbox.
From an Android device, click the Menu icon on the top left and choose Messages. Choose a provider’s name from the drop-down list, type your message, and send.You will receive a response in your patient portal inbox.

How do I view my child’s immunizations?
After logging in to your account and choosing your child’s name, choose My Health, and then choose Immunizations. You can then view your child’s immunization history.

How do I view billing information or pay a bill?
Using a PC, choosing Billing from the My Account drop-down at the top of the screen.
Choose the Menu on the top left of Android devices and choose Billing.
Tap More on the bottom of the iOS device to view billing information.

Why is Pedicare Children’s Clinic not listed under Healthcare Organizations?
Accounts for our patients must be created through an email invitation, and accounts created from this link are automatically connected to Pedicare Children’s Clinic  Healthcare Network. If you are being prompted to connect to an organization, please contact our office at 432-695-6300 to request an email invitation to create an account.

Why can I not see my child’s information?
There are two reasons why this may occur:

Be sure to choose your child’s name from the account list each time you log in. If there is not a drop-down list for accounts, please contact our office at 432-695-6300 to request an email invitation to create an account that will link to our office and your child’s health records.
An account was created from the FollowMyHealth website and not from the email invitation. Please contact our office at 432-695-6300 to request an invitation.

How do I link my children’s accounts?
If you have an account for one child and receive an email invitation for another child, simply choose the “Sign in and add this connection” option when creating an account for your other child. If you have created separate accounts for your children, we can delete those accounts and send a new invitation that includes all children. You will need to create a new portal account, but it will include all of your children under the age of 18. Be sure to include the names and dates of birth for all children under 18, your name and relationship to the children, and your email address.

Why am I not receiving email notifications about updates to my child’s portal account / How do I update my email address to receive FMH updates?
You will receive an email notification when new information is available in your child’s portal account as long as there is a valid email address in notifications. Preferences and notifications can only be updated using a PC. You can enable Push Notifications on mobile devices that will display the number of updates in your portal account on the FollowMyHealth icon.

How can I get text appointment reminders?
You can only change notifications to request text reminders by logging in to your account on a PC. On the home page, do not choose your child’s name. On the top right, choose Preferences, My Account, and then Notifications. Click the link to add your cell phone number and carrier. You will receive a text with a verification number. Enter this number and choose verify. You can then check the box beside Text for each type of notification you wish to receive as a text message. Only appointment reminders will send all of the information in a text. All other updates will generate a notification text that new information is available and to log in to your account to view.

Can I print my child’s medical records from the portal?
You can print your child’s health record by choosing the Chart tab under My Health using Internet Explorer on a PC.
Using an Android device, choose My Health from the Menu, and then choose Documents. Tap the Print icon on the top right, and check the box beside any information you would like to print.
Choose My Health on an iOS device, and then click the Export icon. Choose print to see a list of available printers

How can I find my username or reset my password?
You will receive an email with your username from FollowMyHealth when you create your child’s portal account. If you chose the FMH login method, you can use the Forgot Password link to have a password reset link sent to the email address used to create the account. If you used Google, Yahoo, Facebook, or Outlook to create your login, you will need to request a password reset from that company.

Our office cannot see or retrieve usernames or passwords. If you cannot login and cannot remember your username or password, please contact our office at 432-695-6300 and request that your current portal account be deleted and a new email invitation be sent. When you create a new account, please use the FMH login method and make a note of your username and password for future reference.

Can a grandparent or step-parent request a portal account?
Only legal guardians may request portal accounts. If someone other than a biological parent requests a portal account, they must provide documentation proving legal guardianship before an invitation will be sent.

My question isn’t listed, so how do I receive assistance?
To request a portal invitation or for assistance with an issue not listed above, please contact our office at 432-695-6300.